10 Fun Facts About Space That You May not Have Known

By: Bill Yan

Fun Fact #10:

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Fun Fact #1: The Movie Gravity costed more to film than One of India’s Mission to Mars.

Fun Fact #2: On its one year anniversary Nasa’s Mars rover Curiosity sang “Happy Birthday” to itself.

Fun Fact #3: Yemen people think they’re from Mars.

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Fun Fact #4 : Mars soil is particularly great for growing asparagus.

Fun Fact #5: According to NASA it costs $18,000 to send a letter to Mars.

Fun Fact #6: Humans want to mess Mars up. Scientists want to introduce global warming to Mars. They believe that it can heat up and become more habitable.

Fun Fact #7: Mars has a flag – yayyy

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Fun Fact #8: The Core Of a Star reaches 16 million degrees; a grain of sand that hot would kill you from 150 kilometers away, or 93.2057 miles away.

Fun Fach #9: On one of Saturn’s moons; it is possible to “fly” by duct-taping wings onto your arms.

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