10 Reasons why Apex is better than Fortnite

  1. Ping. In Apex Legends, you can click “RB” (Xbox) to “ping” at something, alerting a teammate of a high rank object, enemy, a direction, or a zipline. This is extremely useful if you don’t have a mic.
  2. Characters. In apex, you have multiple characters with unique abilities and skins. Each character has a special role (healer, tank, dps). In fortnite, there are no characters to create a proper team.
  3. Ultimates. Overtime, you get your ultimate ability depending on your character. Some example of ultimates are a supply drop, mortar strike, or a portal. Ultimates are not O.P., but they do give you an advantage in battle.
  4. Attachments. In apex, you can attach scopes and stabilizers to your gun, customizing it to make shooting more comfortable.
  5. Sliding. If you hold down sprint and B (Xbox) you can slide for a slow duration of time improving your speed and making you a harder target to snipe. You gain speed as you go downhill, making it much more convenient to catch up with your loot-hungry team.
  6. No fall damage. In apex legends, there is no fall damage. No more to say.
  7. Wall climb. Who needs building when you can scale walls like spiderman? Wall climb is probably my second favorite thing about the game. It’s true, sometimes it gets annoying, and it doesn’t provide cover like fortnite building, but you can’t fall down and die if your structure collapses from enemy fire.
  8. My favorite thing about apex is that there is no bush camping. Bush Camping is for noobs and provides cover for people who don’t deserve it. Try to win now noobs! No offence.
  9. Reviving. When a teammate is killed after being knocked, an ally can take a banner from his inventory and place it into a beacon, dropping an ally back to life with low health and no weapons or attachments. This is especially useful at the end of a game, because you can gain player advantage, and there are high rank guns and medical supplies to patch them up.
  10. The final good thing about apex is that you can get skins without buying. Many children around the world suffer at being called a “nooby-no-skin” or a “default (implying default skills)”, because their parents won’t buy them skins. Help the new generation of noobs fight for the right of having no bought skin.

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