2 Milly brings lawsuit against video game “Fortnite”

In the summer of 2015, everyone was “Milly Rocking” all over Brooklyn, New York. The swaying, hip-hop two-step is the creation of rapper 2 Milly. Then, in July of 2018, 2 Milly discovered some unwanted “Milly Rockers” in the video game “Fortnite.” The moves are unmistakable, 2 Milly said. The dancing character swung her left arm, then her right, spun her fists in a circular motion, then twisted her hips and did it all again.

“Fortnite” is a popular video game where players battle each other. Dance moves in the game are called “dance emotes” and cost money to unlock. In “Fortnite,” 2 Milly’s dance is not called the “Milly Rock.” It’s called “Swipe It,” a victory dance that players can unlock for about $9.50. Players recognized the dance immediately. Many popular viral dances made famous by mostly black artists appear to be included in “Fortnite.”

Now, 2 Milly is suing over the dance.

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