By Matteo Hottenrott

Before I start writing about what happens around here, I’d like to say that anything I do write, is all form my perspective. Any actions I blame people for probably didn’t happen the way I thought they did. But I’m just writing my opinion.

First we start of with Maximilian Paul, newspaper room boss (more like boo’s). Maximilian Paul is constantly telling us to stop playing online games and write articles. He forces you to remember your 98th street post website password, and refuses to help anyone with editing. Once he even stole my article to blackmail me into remembering my password.

Then, there is Bill (he wont tell me his last name). Bill is infamous for watching YouTube the whole time. He says it is research and that he should be able to do it. Once he was watching “Big Chungus v.s. Thanos”. I don’t think that is research. Another annoying thing is that on Minecraft day, he just makes himself invisible and punches people across the terrain.

Ryuu Tang is known for paraphrasing without giving credit to the author (see top paragraph). Maybe he doesn’t actually copy things, but he copies all the main ideas way too aggressively (I have seen him highlighting stuff though). He enjoys annoying me and shutting of my monitor randomly. He also has Bill’s Minecraft habits.

Then, there is Tristan. Tristan is o.k. and he always brings in candy(also soda, but Mr. Benson makes him drink it outside of the classroom).Tristan watches a lot of Youtube, and writes short articles. Tristan also does homework during the newspaper club.

Mr. Benson and Mr. Jacala are nice teachers and help me out a lot. Gus Lieb and Sebastian Arsala are new to the club so I won’t be writing about them (yet). If you like what you heard (read), feel free to try out the newspaper club anytime (Not really. Come on a Wednesday)

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