A REAL Explanation of What Happens at The 98th Street Post Meetings

By: Bill Yan

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Well, here we go, into what REALLY happens at 98th Street Post meetings:

Mateo Hottenrott: OK, here we go: he’s the guy that’s always trying to get more Squadd.io time, and he should be head of PR, because he makes everything sound too good. He also is obsessed with Swedish rap music, and barely writes at the meetings.

Next, there’s Ruiyu Tang: He’s the other Squadd.io mainiac, and is a selfish guy who hogs Sun Chips and Tic Tacs. He also has a long list of crimes, like sabotaging other people when they’re trying to type, Copy-Pastes,lies, stuffs himself with more Sun chips, wrestles, and eats butter with the butter side down, just to name a few.

Enter Rohan Varia, the new kid (not to St. Bernard’s, but, you know, the Newspaper club). He doesn’t really have anything on his rap sheet, and is good, clean, kid (so Far…)

There’s also Tristan Cornell, who is still pretty new, doesn’t write many articles, but is forgiven and very liked because he always brings drinks and candy.

Now, there’s also Gus Lieb, who is a Urainian (he’s from Ur anus), and, uh… I dunno, he brings candy and stuff. AND IS TYING TO TAKE OVER EARTH…

And well, that leaves up the one and only MAXIMILIAN PAUL… well, let’s see what he’s done wrong so far: banning freedom of speech, banning freedom of thought, encouraging snitching, is a tyrant, evil, hypocritical, watches YouTube for 99% of the meetings, eats the best snack, listings to bad music, greedy, admitted he was a communist, buys himself 1,000$ headphones, works for the Illuminati (read I-word conspiracy at http://98post.com/i-world-conspiracy-theory-matteo-hottenrott/ maxIMILLIAN pAUl. Unscramble it and you get ILLUMINATI the “T” came from my imagination), and barely writes any articles, just to name 14 things out of his 1 trillion things on his rap sheet.

So, that’s all folks! Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!!! Dang! I sound like Mateo!

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