Adam Ottavino visits

By: Bill Yan

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On Tuesday, May 14, Yankees star relieve pitcher Adam Ottavino visited St. Bernard’s. He spoke about his base ball life, and answered some questions. In the end, right after Adam came off the stage, about 50 or so boys mobbed him for autographs, and one lucky boy (cough, cough… me… Wait what? You said I was the lucky boy? *raspberry noise*, did I say anything?) even got him to sign a jersey!!! (btw, I totally DID NOT Google how much an autographed Adam Ottavino is worth……. and it is TOTALLY NOT WORTH 2,000 DOLLARS)

All in all, here are some stuff we learned from him:

1, He is not, but should be, an All-Star.

2, He is 32

3, His favorite pitch is “Strike Three”

4, He is 6′ 5″

5, He has a nephew at St. B’s named David

6, An autographed baseball from him is worth 100$… Wait, did I just say:
An autographed baseball from him is worth 100$? uh… well… you DID NOT JUST SEE THAT…