Matteo Hottenrott

Brawlstars is a one of the rare phone games that are considered good. You can play many mini-games with special powers such as insane damage boosts, asteroids tracking you down, giant robots punching you, and additions to the terrain such as bounce pads and lakes. Brawlstars has 23 characters: supports, heavyweights, throwers, and sharpshooters. My favorite characters include Dynamike, Bull, Poco, and Brock. All characters have a special ability, and can unlock a passive after they reach power level 9. For example, Bull is a heavyweight, meaning he has a lot of health. Bull does insane close-range damage, and his super ability allows him to charge through a large area of a map. Bull’s passive ability (star power) is called berserker, and it allows him to rapidly shoot at low health. Characters have different rarities: Legendary, Mystic, Epic, Super Rare, Rare, and Common, which you can unlock for getting trophies. Brawlstars is already a pretty popular phone game, and if you never played it before, I would recommend it.

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