Gardner Minshew and the blazing hot Jaguars

After what we thought was the end of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ season (where Nick Foles got injured), young QB Gardner Minshew stepped on the field. It was his first time on the field so the loud noises alarmed him and he was booed. Fans thought this was the end of there chances at the playoffs but when Minshew played, their hopes of the playoffs raised a bit. The first game for the fans was not much of a surprise having playing none other than the Kansas City Chiefs lead by MVP Patrick Mahomes. The Jags lost 26-40 but the next game that changed (quickly). The following week the Jags just barely came on top against the Houston Texans 13-12. Before anybody knew it a few weeks had flown by had flown by and the Jaguars were 2-3! Last week the Saints beat the Jaguars by seven but fans knew that Gardner Minshew had just flipped another page in Jaguars history book.