How to Launch A Nuclear Missile

By: Bill Yan, 6th grade

So, there are many nuclear missile silos in in the US, but how do they launch? Well, here it is in a couple helpful steps:

Step 1: The US president gives the executive order to launch the nuke.

Step 2:Silos around the US get the president’s order, and receive a coded message.

Step 3: Two people in the silos both copy the coded message into a notebook, and compare their answers.

Step 4: If their two answers are the same, then they enter THE RED BUTTON VAULT.

Step 5: Inside the vault, they will find authentication cards, and in the coded message, there will be a seven-letter coded word, and if the word checks out with one of the authenticator cards, then they will open up the card and take out their launch keys.

Step 6: After both people in the silos will put their keys into the key slots, and both keys have to be turned within 2 seconds within each other, and held for five seconds to initiate the launch.

Step 7: The two peeps would receive a secret, 16 digit code to activate the missile. There are 15,999,999 wrong combinations.

Step 8: Watch the world blow up.

Congratulations! You have just ended life on Earth as we know it! Great job! Now, in about 15 minutes, all the world’s major countries would be decimated!