Ha you puny humans have fallen right into my trap, You have given me all the secrets I need to invade and destroy your pungent planet via the moronic members of the 98 street post. Few people have found out my intentions and who I really am, those people who think that Maximilien Paul is the reincarnation of a Chinese tyrant emperor. They are wrong! Yes my friends I have lied and in the words of the only great American Donald Trump I have cunfuddled you. You can not stop me you are tiny and stupid and I am mighty and great and if you are wondering how you have given me what I need to know I will tell you. Because of Matteo I have assembled the ultimate army of tardigrades yes the all work for me now. You have let me into your weak loving arms and I have betrayed you. Max has let me slowly gain control in the ranks of the alien empire and has let me gain partial control of the newspaper club, now all I need to do is start and win an alien revolution against Max, and destroy Bill, Ruyiu, And Rohan and my army will win, if you want to be recruited by my vast army talk to me. Mwa Ha Ha

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