I Can Guess Your Age… Seriously, I can!

I Can Guess Your Age!

By: Bill Yan

If you read the title and said “No way!!!”, then prepare to be proven wrong! I, Bill Yan, the master magician will show you how! All you have to do is follow these easy directions down below.

Step one:

Find a calculator or a scrap piece of paper and take it out (you can use the calculator on your iPhone if you want).

Step two: Pick a number between 2-9 and enter it in the calculator.

Step three: Multiply that number by 2 

Step four: Add three

Step five: Minus 2

Step six: Add 4

Step seven: Multiply it by 50

Step eight: If you have had your birthday this year than add 1768 if not than add 1767

Step seven:    Subtract the year you were born. (examples: 2008,  2007, 1976… )

Now you should have a three digit number. The number in the hundreds place is your number you chose at the beginning and the other numbers are your age.

Are you amazed? I was too when I first tried it! Try it out on your friends and family!

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