I-World (Conspiracy Theory), Matteo Hottenrott

We have all heard of the infamous electronics company Apple. Notice how all apple products have an “I” before them. I means me. My mind was blown when I realized how sinister this company actually was. My guess? Apple is manipulating our brains to gain access to everything we see, hear, or think. Why do you think people have eyes? More like “I’s”. New York? It’s the Big Apple. We need to get together and expose the Illuminati as we are living in the center of it’s base. We need to weaken this evil company. The steps are simple: Buy Samsung, play Apex (This isn’t actually a reason its just Fortnite is kind of not very good compared to it). Wake up America! Realize that Apple is the Illuminati. Also realize Apex is better than Fortnite.

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