Maximillian has Passed his torch

By: Bill Yan, 5th, to-be-sixth-grader-in-one-day

Well, as most of us know, Maximilian Paul, founder, ex-editor-in-cheif, ex-boss, tyrant, and about a jillion more things, is moving to Venezuela. Or Belgium. Or Berlin. Anyway, I don’t really remember where he is moving, as this is not the article about that, if you do want to know where he’s moving, then visit here:

So, who has he chosen to be the next boss? Well, out of ALL THE EIGHT PEOPLE IN THE NEWSPAPER, HE CHOSE RUIYU “All-A’s” TANG, AND GUS “The Uranian” LEIB. Yes, he didn’t close me. I know, I should’ve been boss, but things are just as they are… Unless I start a revolution! (also see

Well, there’s one thing he did right… SELFISHLY. You see, when HE was in charge, everyone hated him and stuff, but he kept 100% power anyway. But when its SOMEONE ELSE’S TURN TO BE BOSS, he sets up a two-person system with vetoing. There ya go, Maximilian just being the EVIL, TRYANT, AND A JILLION OTHER BAD THINGS Maximmilian.

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