Pewds Just ended the Sub to PewDiePie Movement/Meme

By: Bill Yan

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Link to his video: (Just copy and paste that)

Well, this may be old news by now, but PewDiePie/Felix has ended the sud to Pewds movement. Just let me say one thing: before you guys go nah, this article is old and boring news, let me tell you something. Image that you were in Pewds’s shoes. You have the most subscribers in the world at the time, and everything is going your way. You got millions of people worldwide chanting your name, you’re making millions, and you got some really popular songs. Everything is going great, except for these two small details; one, India is blocking some of your videos that are kinda racist, and two, there are some extreme PewDiePie fans that are vandalizing historic sites to get you subscribers. Now, you have to make a choice. Either you put your channel’s sub counts in jeopardy and apologize and end this movement, or you could just ignore it, and go with the flow. Well, Pewds has certainly showed his good heart. He apologized on Youtube, took full responsibility, and agreed that his kinda racist songs would stay blocked.

Thank You, PewDiePie. You were always the best of us.

Or more simply, take this guy’s comment:


MegaEmile898 hours ago

Mom-How did your phone break?

Me-I smashed the like button

Whoops, not that one… I mean, This comment:

Awaiting Input

Awaiting Input3 days ago

We were lucky to have Felix… look at how fame and money corrupts most people… not Felix though.

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