Spoiler Alert; Endgame Review

To start yes this is after the benefit yes I am awesome and yes I saw Endgame, best movie ever! The movie was absolutely awesome and I feel that the way the writers pull your heartstrings absolutely makes you fell like your their. Plus their were so many references to past movies it feels like they mixed up all the other movies and made one 3 hour long teaser trailer, but enough with my praise let’s get to the highs and lows of the movie.

With all the expectations leading up to the movie the producers and writers certainly delivered giving the actors( Chris Evens,Captain America, Mark Ruffalo, The Hulk, Chris Hemsworth, Thor, Scarrlet Johannsan, Black Widow,) To name a few, an amazing script and though Iron Man and Black Widow both died, (I warned you) and as we all suspected Captain America got old and the Falcon took over for him.

But as the movie progressed and when all the dissapeared Avengers ( Including Spider Man ,yay ) and when the theme music came on and Iron Man gave the finishing move I realized that this might not be the end of the faranchise, let’s hope, but this is the end of my review so goodbye and good ridance.

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