Thats right you heard me the three worst teams in the N.F.L are the smartest. You ask me why? Because of course this is the best N.F.L offensive draft ever seen and what the horrid parts of these teams is the offense. But if only there was a player that could fix a teams offensive woes. Oh there is there are multiple. so who are they what number will they be drafted, who will they go to and will they be succsefull. I am here today to analyze the Quarterbacks.

  1. Tua Tagovialoa, When, 1st round pick 2, To the Miami Dolphins, College, Alabama, Why, Tua is a strong willed hawaiian q whose left hand will be a no-no for some teams but not the Dolphins. The fins are stuck with draft bust Josh Rosen and Inconsistent Ryan Fitzpatrick. Too is the fins guy.

2. Mason Fine, When, 1st round pick 6, To the Washington Redskins, College, North Texas, Why, Mason Fine is a great pocket passer with the ability to run and escape pressure. North Texas gave him a great opportunity to thrive against smaller schools instead of backing up a few years at a power five school. The Redskins obviously aren’t set on Case Keenum for the long term and Fine will need a mentor moving forward. With a new head coach and a good draft pick Fine could be an experiment to see what works and what dosent.

3. Justin Herbert, when, 1st round pick 5, To the Denver Broncos, College, Oregon, Why, Justin Herbert has the perfect big body for a qb and has proven that he is really good too. The Broncos are struggling and Joe Flacco is aging sticking with him clearly is not the way to go and with another young qb/trading talent like Drew Lock, it looks like a complete rebuild is in store for the Broncos.

4. Joe Burrow,When 1st round pick 1, to The Cincinnati Bengals, College, L.S.U. Why, Andy Daltons time with the Bengals is up he has had many opportunities to succeed but has yet to win a playoff game. He is now in his 30s and his chances of going up from now are low. Burrow’s time with the Tigers has been outstanding putting up big numbers against teams that are just as good as his, The game against Alabama will have an impact on his draft stock but not much. He will fit in perfectly with the Bengals and I see a possible playoff appearance in the next 3 years if this works out.

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