Introducing the new and improved inside scoop that features your favorite writer , leader , and aspiring alien from Neptune. according to Mr. Schwartz says that their are 16,595 books currently in the library. according to Seb Arsala the most popular gamesite that is allowed in school is gameflare and since every day the financial times gets less popular but the 98 street post gets more popular. Now I will inform you about the new 98 street post. Our members consist of editors in chief Gus Lieb and Ruiyu Tang , Rohan Varia , Bill Yan , Matteo Hottenrot , Beaux Fleming , Elliot Chae , Arjun Roberts , and Saul Silver. Maxamillion left us and went to Switzerland. And Bill has gone completely insane. I will formally introduce all the new teachers and position switches. Mr. Manczek junior school science , Mr . Rachmiel computers. Mr. Kiok fourth grade , Mr. Mitchell upper school math Ms Baduni Grade 2 accosiate. Ms Clery kindergarden. Mrs. Feigenbaum. Ms Leeds , Mrs Mcdonald , Ms Reid , Ms Schoen and Ms Woodley welcome one welcome all.