The Tardigrade

Creatures known as Tardigrades roam the earth around us. Tardigrades are hard to see due to their transparency and small size. Tardigrades live in wet areas such as beaches, moss, wet soil, and algae, thus earning their nicknames as the “water bears”. A Tardigrade can live up to 30 years without water and can survive in freezing and boiling space temperatures. Among the most amazing thing about Tardigrades is that they can withstand the water pressure of the Mariana Trench, one of the lowest points in the ocean. Tardigrades are our very own micro-survivors of the planet earth.

Tardigrade are in my opinion, disgusting. Imagine drinking the most fresh stream water, knowing there are little, soft, transparent bugs – in your throat. Even though these creatures are great survivors, they are irrelevant to our world and will evolve into giant, indestructible, mutant germs. They will take over our planet and the universe will be filled with them. Tardigrades will be the end of us, so I recommend crushing the water in your palm and drinking dead Tardigrade guts. Do it for our future.

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