Water found on planet orbiting distant star: “Super Earth”

On September 18, 2019 Scientists discovered a planet outside of our solar system with water and temperatures suitable for life. It is the first planet discovered that has these two characteristics.

Not a second Earth

Scientists say, though this planet has conditions suitable for life, it is definitely not a “Second Earth.” The two planets’ atmosphere and stars are so different that Earth like conditions aren’t possible. The main question is if “Super Earth” is habitable. “This is the biggest step yet to taken toward our ultimate goal of finding life on other planets, proving that we are not alone.” Bjorn Benneke said in a statement.

Scientists need more observations

The research teams that discovered “Super Earth” used the Hubble Space Telescope to observe Super Earth’s atmosphere. More observations are needed to determine if the planet is truly a planet with water and conditions suitable for life.

My Opinion

I think the discovery of “Super Earth” is an amazing one and one that will be important in the near future. I personally feel that there is life on other planets and Super Earth just might be the one.