Hi, this is Maximilien Paul Editor in Chief and founder of the 98 street post newspaper. As many sixth graders know, I will be leaving to Geneva, Switzerland next year. Now, before you start demanding to know the new Editor in Chief of the newspaper I would like to say a quick goodbye. St. Bernards has taught me many things, Math, History, English, and above all friendship. Now I know what you’re thinking… Did you say… “Friendship?” Yes, indeed friendship, because of how harsh the academics are at St. B’s. The one thing you smile about everyday is seeing your friends; they are your relief. So I would like to say  thank you to all of my friends and coworkers for helping me out. The 98 street post has truly changed over my one and a half years of running it. I hope it will keep changing for the better. *Drumroll please* And now the announcement you have all been waiting for: the new Editors in Chief. Ruiyu Tang and Gus Lieb will be joint leaders of the 98 street post going forward. Congratulations to both of you!

P.S. I have no idea if the new editors will keep the newspaper website or if they will make a youtube channel.