Galaxy’s Edge By Maximilien Paul

Let’s talk about the new star wars theme park, Galaxy’s Edge. There are currently two of them in construction in Florida and California. I will be talking about the one in California because that one is available to the public on June 23rd. The one in Florida will be available on August 9th. Right now there is only one mainline ride, the Millennium Falcon Smuggler Run. In this ride a crew of 6 work together in order to transport precious cargo. This ride has been reviewed many times and everyone thinks it’s amazing, but that is still only one ride. There will be one more coming in the winter of 2019 or Spring of 2020. While Disney has some lackluster rides at the moment, the shopping venue is off the charts. This theme park offered 9 stores offering around 700 items. From getting gear from either faction (resistance or first order) to building a customizable lightsaber. Now you’re all thinking that this looks like an OK theme park with almost two rides and some cool experiences. Here is the catch…Everything is expensive! A lightsaber is $199, a droid is $99. Some of their fake animals can cost between $10-$50. So here’s my problem, it will be hard for families to come here because of the cost, and teenagers love rides so I doubt they will be heading to this part of Disneyland. I think this experience is suitable for a 2-3 person group. Well, there you have it, my last article….. or maybe not?