A few weekends ago I met a man named Garrett McNamara. This man surfed a 100 foot wave, the biggest ever surfed, in Nazare, Portugal . This picture was shown by Mr. Denemy as the question of the day. Garrett has lived most of his childhood in California where he developed his love for surfing. He spent most of his time with his mother, except when he spent a brief time with his father before leaving with his mom to Hawaii. His brother showed him professional surfing now he is one of the best surfers in the world.

    I got to ask Garrett a few questions. Question One (Q) who was your childhood idol? (A)  1. (Ages 7-10) Luther Burbank: biologist, Garrett loved him for his love of nature. / 2. (Ages 10-14) Clark Jones: surfer, Garrett loved his approach on waves.

    Question Two: What do you want to do for the environment? (A) I would like to get to the source of the problem stop all the water companies that produce plastic bottles and plastic bags at supermarkets.

    Question Three (Q) What beach would you clean up? (A) Nazare, Portugal north beach. I just hate seeing the stuff in the water every day.

    Question Four (Q) What advice would you give to your younger self? (A) I would totally study harder. When I was younger I decided to surf instead of learn more. I try to have no regrets but I wish I had studied more because school really goes by in the blink of an eye.

    Well folks, there you have it. A little back story and a small Q & A with the world’s best surfer.