N.B.A Free Agents Will Be Fun To Watch In The Summer

Over the summer there is going to be many free agents such as Kawhi Leonard , Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. I’m going to be talking about all three of these great players and where I think they might end up on a team.

Kawhi Leonard: Kawhi Leonard is a amazing player who lead his team to the N.B.A finals. Sadly he only signed a contract for one year so he might get traded to a new team. He’s fast and athletic and he is wanted by many teams. I think he is going to get traded to the Lakers because one of the greatest players is on that team, Lebron James.

Kevin Durant: Kevin Durant is a great player but in the N.B.A playoffs he realized that his team didn’t need him to make it to the finals. Alot of teams want him because people can argue he is the best player playing in the N.B.A right now. I think he might get traded to the New York Knicks because the Knicks just traded away there star player, Kristaps Porzingis.

Kyrie Irving: Kyrie Irving is a good player but he isn’t playing as well as he was with Lebron James. I think that he might get traded to the Lakers because (as I said earlier) Lebron James is on that team. This could be a awesome team up just like Micheal Jordan and Scotie Pippen or Kobe Bryant and Shaquille o’neal.

These trades could make a huge impact on the N.B.A and I’m excited to see them happen.