Sharks Are Afraid Of Something. What Is It????

Ever since the 70’s movie Jaws great white sharks have been considered the most dangerous predators in the ocean but know studies have found that there’s one animal great whites are scared of.

The Evidence

One time great whites were hunting near island off the coast of San Francisco when they encountered killer whales. After a few seconds, they immediately fled. Occasions like this have happened in the past but know researchers have confirmed the killer whales ( also know as orcas ) are great whites biggest fear.


Great white sharks are amazing hunters. They grow up to 20 feet and can weigh more than 4,000 pounds. Killer whales much bigger though. They grow up to 30 feet and can weigh 10,000 pounds.

Great whites are very fast swimmers. They swim at speeds as fast as 35 mph. But killer whales are just as fast and. They hunt in packs which gives them an advantage over great whites because great whites are mostly solitary.


I think that this is amazing as I’ve seen many pictures of great whites and I think they’re amazing. It mind blowing to know that they’re afraid of killer whales.