Some Good Minecraft News To Lighten up Your 2020

By: Bill Yan, 6th Grade

So, the new decade hasn’t really started out the way we hoped, but 2020 WILL be a big year for Minecraft… In a good way, so here we go:

Ok, so let’s start by stating the obvious: sometime in the “First half” (As said by Mojang) of 2020, Minecraft’s nether is going to be receiving a MASSIVE overhaul, going from a barren netherrack wasteland occasionally dotted with nether fortresses to a real place that’s actually interesting to explore,The Nether Update will add three new biomes (The Soulsand valley and Two types of Netherwart forest), at least two new mobs (the piglin and the hoglin), possibly goats and “snowier snow” (in the mountains biome, not the nether, obviously), and target blocks (also not in the nether). According to math, I predict that this update would be released sometime in mid-April.

Next, an ENORMOUS update that I’m surprised is not talked about much is The Bedrock Menu update. This update will not do much to the actual gameplay itself, but it would redesign the ENTIRE Minecraft Bedrock (phones, Windows 10, XBoxes, and tablets are Bedrock) menu. This update doesn’t really have a set release time, but many gamers speculate that it will happen sometime kinda near the holiday season. Here are some “leaked” concepts:

Also on Minecraft Bedrock, I’m not joking, a new Emote Update is set to release sometime this year. The timetable is uncertain, but I’m pretty sure it’ll release sometime near the Bedrock Menu update.

Okkaaayyyyy, enough with the minor updates,  now let’s get back to the major stuff. Back in June last year, Jeb announced that he will be redoing Minecraft combat-again, and released a snapshot. We’ll call this update, uh, Combat Update… V2. The goal of this update is to make the combat on both platforms of Minecraft the same-it’s currently actually very different. It’s kinda really hard to explain, but changes are being made,-that in my opinion, are ok, and might pave the way for new weapons. Technically speaking, we’re not even sure that it’ll release this year, because Jeb said that he’ll release it when he thinks it’s ready, but I’m pretty sure that this’ll be the last combat update, as I’m sure that Mr.Jeb would want to make sure he really nails it this time.

Now, who can Forget the new Minecraft Festival? Announced last Minecon, it’ll basically be a two-day, well, festival that is hosted in Orlando Florida. It’ll happen from September 25-27.

And now, last but definitely not least, the Mountain Update. I know I listed snowier snow and goats as part of the nether update, but Mojang said that it won’t necessarily be part of 1.16, so Minecraft1.17 may very well be The Mountain Update, set to release sometime before June, I’m guessing.

Now, Imna make a bold prediction: 2020 will be the next Minecraft renaissance.