The End of the Newspaper Club as we know it!

By: Holden Campbell

As most of you know Maximilien, the editor and chief, and secretly the reincarnation of a Chinese emperor is moving to Geneva, Switzerland this summer. It is very sad, but that brings up the question who in the whole wide world will lead newspapers club. The obvious answer would be me, but I am moving to upper school next year so I can’t do it. Max has chosen two people to lead next year, drum roll please… He has chosen Ruiyu Tang and Gus (I don’t know his last name) to take his place. This raises the question about how the club will be handled next year. Will they do a better, or worse job than Max, no one knows?

That concludes my article writing spree. I have done two articles in one day, and now I need to study for math, have a great summer. Hasta la vista

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