A Preview of The College Football Playoff

LSU V.S Oklahoma

Joe Burrow of the LSU Tigers has taken the Heisman by a record breaking landslide vote. Burrow came in first while Jalen Hurts qb Oklahoma University came in second while Justin Fields qb and Chase Young de, both for Ohio St. came in third and forth place. Burrow plays Hurts in the College Football Playoff semi – final while Ohio St. plays Clemson in the other semi – final. LSU has been dominant in nearly all of there games with exceptions on Florida, 42 to 28, Auburn, 23 to 21, and Alabama, 46 to 41. Every one of these teams finished the regular season in the top 15 and were in the top ten at the time of the game.

Oklahoma has been pretty solid except in an upset loss to Kansas St. and two close calls against Baylor with a 34 to 31 win and a 30 to 23 o.t win in the Big twelve championship. The Sooners made it in when they won And Utah lost. It looks to me that the Tigers will take this one.

Clemson V.S Ohio St.

Clemson starting qb, Trevor Lawrence started the season in a rut but in an array of weapons pulled out of it. Even though Clemson went 13 and 0 like LSU and O.S.U they have not gotten as much recognition as the other two and enter the playoff as the 3 team.

Ohio St. enters the playoff with a frenzy of weapons and a comeback win in the Big Ten championship against Wisconsin. Buckeyes first year head coach Ryan Day has exceded expectations. The Buckeyes held the no. 1 spot for most of the year but was later dethroned by LSU. I personally hope and think Ohio St. will win