After all the hype coming out of the Ford Vs Ferrari movie that recently came out, it got me thinking what would happen if the Ford GT40 raced in the 24 hours of Le Mans today, well now I will answer all of my questions by finding out what would happen.

First let’s learn about this thing called The 24 hours of Le Mans. That much is simple it is a high speed car race every year in France that lasts 24 hours. And yes even though there still is a Ford GT in Le Mans we will be talking about the 1969 Le Mans Winning Ford.

On to the interesting part, the current raining champion the Toyota TS050 had a top horsepower of 986 compared to the 69 GT40’s 400 horsepower, a large difference. The GT40’s top speed was 210 mph, while through all the research I’ve done the TS050 has a top speed of 217 mph. Even though the last place finisher Keating Motersports hit a top speed of 230+ mph they did not keep pace. I predict that if the GT40 kept paced at around 200 mph they could get a top ten finish. But if they are able to push themselves at 210 mph for at least 3 quarters or the race, and do it successfully, they could finish with a podium. And if they break their limits and spend half the race at 215 mph they could win, please let me know what you think and tell me about it, this is just my opinion